René Cantú Jr., PhD.

Dr. Cantú is the Executive Director of JAG Nevada.  JAG Nevada’s mission is to graduate all students in our care and place them on a path to college, career or both. JAG believes that its work does not end when a student graduate, but that graduation is only beginning.  When a student is set on a path to a career of their choice that is when JAG’s mission is truly accomplished.  JAG Nevada is a statewide, one Nevada program developing the talent and success of nearly 3,400 students from across Nevada; and its students have achieved a 97% graduation rate this year.  Previously, Dr. Cantú served as a Clark County School District Trustee for District E in 2012. I am married to the beautiful Carmela Rodriguez (since 1997) and we have two boys, Luca and Jet. Luca is studying IT at CSN, and Jet is in 7th grade taking 5 honors courses. We are free thinkers and hard workers all.

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